Draft Terms of References

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Enhancing Resilience in Kyrgyzstan Project


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Draft Terms of References


I. Project Development Objective and Description

The overall objective of the Enhancing Resilience in Kyrgyzstan Project is to support the Government of Kyrgyzstan in strengthening its capacity to respond to disasters, in providing safer and improved learning environment for children, and in reducing adverse financial impacts of natural hazards on the government budget and population.

Proposed components and sub-components:

Component 1: Strengthening Disaster Preparedness and Response Systems (MoES)

The objective of this component is to strengthen the disaster preparedness and response systems of the MoES, including improvements in Crisis Management Systems, Department of Hazard Monitoring and Forecasting, Fire and Rescue Services, and Training and Re-Training Center.

Component 2: Improving Safety and Functionality of School Infrastructure (MoE/SAACCS)

The objective of this component is to improve the safety and functionality of school infrastructure by implementing the State Program on Safe School and Pre-School of the Kyrgyz Republic (2015-2024). An integrated approach will be used to prioritize and optimize investments while ensuring safer and quality learning environments.

Component 3: Enhancing Financial Protection (SAFMSR)

The objective of this component is to support the catastrophe insurance in the Kyrgyz Republic. It will be done through a two-fold objective to increase insurance penetration and improve the capacity of the SIO to operate without reliance on government funding by means of improving its insurance operations and risk transfer to the global reinsurance markets.

Component 4: Project Management and Monitoring & Evaluation

Supporting the implementation and management of project activities, including technical, safeguards and fiduciary support, as well as M&E and reporting.

Component 5: Contingent Emergency Response Component (CERC)

This Component will allow for reallocation of credit proceeds from other components to provide emergency recovery & reconstruction support following an eligible crisis or emergency.


  1. Purpose and objectives – The main task of the assistant/translator is to provide administrative assistance to PIU staff and translation of all project documents for ERIK project implementation


III.  Scope of services:

  • Translation of documents, reports, meeting minutes, emails, incoming and outgoing mails into English/Russian/Kyrgyz languages (minimum 7 pages per day) and keeping of all copies of electronic mails in two languages in an appropriate manner;
  • Interpretation during conferences and meetings, and during the mission of World Bank;
  • Act as a Secretary for the PIU conferences/meetings, write and coordinate Minutes of conferences/meetings;
  • Organizing meetings and receptions with foreign delegations, Consultants and Experts of the project and, if necessary, accompany Representatives of foreign countries in their visits, meetings which are arranged within the framework of the Project;
  • Booking air tickets, visas and hotels for guests and staff of the project, preparation of travelling documents. Meeting at the airport and escorting guests in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic, including conduction of written translations and interpretations, if needed.
  • Maintenance of duly interaction between the Components of the Project and the office of the World Bank; Distribution of documentation between the Components, if required.
  • Organize and conduct workshops, seminars within the project and conduct preparation of presentations, programs of events, reports of trainings, seminars, workshops, study tours of the Consultants and the staff of PIU, Project components within the project;
  • Ensuring overall logistics for the PIU, WB mission and the personnel of international experts;
  • Maintain general documentation management, collection of primary documents on operating costs of the PIU, publication of advertisements in local and international newspapers within the framework of the project;
  • Maintaining inventory of equipment and duly disposal of assets of low unit costs of the PIU;
  • Maintaining the general log of incoming and outgoing correspondences, and duly recording on the execution of documents including electronic correspondence of the project;
  • Organization of office supplies, writing paper, prepare proposals on support issues of the department as a whole;
  • Performing of other tasks, under the supervision of the Head of the PIU;
  • Responsible to the PIU management.
  1. Qualification requirements:

Applicant for the position of Consultant must have the following knowledge and work experience:

  1. Higher education in the field of linguistics or related industries (in English language is an advantage);
  2. At least two years of work experience in international projects as a translator or project assistant;
  3. Knowledge in record-keeping and preparation of orders;
  4. Knowledge of Kyrgyz, Russian and English at the level of an interpreter;
  5. Computer skills (Windows, MS Office, Internet Explorer).

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